I always go to the FAQ page on any website.

I’m nosy. I can’t help it. I want to find out what other people have asked to see if there is a question that I didn’t think of. The planner in me wants to figure it all out. If I missed something, drop me a line and ask me.

At the intersection of confusion and uncertainty is not a neighborhood you want to be lost in.

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Coaching is your journey to put your finger on your true purpose and design your clear vision to then live it. Coaching is not therapy. Therapy looks into your past to help with your present life. I help you look at your current life and guide you on how to move forward. Through exercises, phone calls, and emails, you will discover wonderful things about yourself with constant a-ha! moments.

So, so much, the possibilities are endless. You'll grow in ways you did and didn’t expect. Clients hire me to achieve their dream life, and we spend our time together to make it happen. But don’t be surprised if you discover new things about yourself. Your dream may change to be in line with this new person emerging. Different parts of your personal and professional life will be positively affected. You won’t be rushed by me but coaching tends to speed up your personal growth faster than staying in your same comfortable place on the couch watching Netflix. (Don't get me wrong. I can binge-watch with the best of 'em.)

So you are trying to figure me out and see if this whole coaching thing is right for you huh? Coaching is an investment not just with money but your time and effort. The saying goes that the more you put into something the more you will get out of it. And that’s true with our coaching relationship. Below are expectations for you as well as ones you expect from me.

I expect your best. 

I will always put in my best effort and I expect the best from you. If you're not doing your best, I’ll ask you to. If it’s too much, then tell me and we can figure out what’s the next step.

I am direct. 

If asked, I will tell you how I see it. I will ask you to complete a specific goal by a certain date. You may agree, decline, or offer another idea to complete it. Stretching beyond what you are comfortable with will help you get what you want sooner.

I will give straight advice.

If you are open to it, and I have personal experience about a topic, I will give you my advice on how to handle a challenging situation or how to tackle a new opportunity. You are welcome to take it, or use your own judgement. Honesty is a value that I embrace and expect it from you too.

I don’t miss much.

I'm pretty good at reading between the lines and can sense when something doesn’t seem quite right. I ‘ll ask you about it and if you agree, we can explore what's bothering you. Or if you're not ready, we can put it off until you are.

Yeah, there’s gonna be homework.

Listen, I have a to-do list that’s a mile long too. But when it comes to working on yourself, you make a promise to get it done. So yes, you have to figure out how to incorporate the homework into your life. But it'll be tasks, actions, changes, or mini-goals that we will have discussed and decided upon together. I’m not saying that I won’t push you to do your best and keep you accountable. Otherwise what is the point of having me as your coach?

Make the most of our relationship but don’t depend on me.

As your coach, I have the most love, support, compassion, and strength for you. I want nothing but the best for your life. I'll share all my knowledge and give you tools to increase your success. I ask you to use me as a resource, friend, and confidante. But I do not want you to depend on me or get into a position of needing me. I'm here to support you but not be a parent.

Trust is a HUGE deal to me. Once someone has lost my trust, it's very difficult for me to give it back to them, if ever. I get it. You may be telling me things you've never spoken out loud or even written down in your journal. I respect you and want you to figure out your next steps. Why would I want to ruin that for you? Nope, never gonna happen. You’re venerability will be cared for with absolute love. If you were referred to me by another client and they ask about you, my answer will always be, “She's doing fine.”

The best way to answer this question is to book a free Discover What's Next call with me. You can think and think about his question until your head hurts. But until you actually take action and click on the link to book the Discover What's Next call, you won’t know the answer. Yes, you can send me an email with a question but we can do so much more in a 45 minute conversation than back and forth emailing could ever do!

When you click here to sign up for the call, you'll answer five short questions. These will help me get to know where you are now with your life and where you want it to be. It’s not a test so don’t stress. Then, during our call, I will help you discover and design what's next for you so you can implement either alone or with me by signing up for a coaching package.

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You spent so much time being mom and wife and putting them before you. So when the kids grew up, you suddenly have all this time to yourself, but you don't know who YOU are anymore. What are you supposed to do now?

I want to help you get started. Download the free guide to
5 Things You Can Do This Week to Help Find Yourself!
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I want the Guide!

Download the FREE guide to 5 Things You Can Do This Week To Help Find Yourself. You are ready to take this next step now that the kids have grown.

The guide will help you:

→  Work on your mindset so you can recognize negative thoughts and work to quiet them.

→  Help figure out what’s bothering you and know it’s okay to go at your own pace.

→ Understand that taking care of yourself is the most important person in your life and to release the guilt.

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