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I’m Alice.

I’m a chai drinking, California-raised girl, with a wicked sense of humor, dedicated to help other women find out who they want to be after their children have grown.

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About Alice Agnello

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to help other people. I love to learn and then pass on my knowledge to others in the hope they can improve their life in a small way.

A few years ago….

My kids didn’t need me as much as they once did. Instead of driving from lacrosse practice to band rehearsal and back home to pick up missing cleats after a frantic phone call from my son, I found myself with extra time that I felt compelled to fill in. But I didn’t know with what?

I no longer had to manage my children’s school schedules, doctor appointments, band rehearsals, work schedules, social lives, room cleanliness, where they left their homework, or find their missing cars keys that they can’t find by just staring at everything in their room instead of actually picking things up with their hands to find the ring of keys under a pile of dirty laundry.

Or instead of cooking for an army, I would reheat leftovers three to four nights a week ‘cause I hadn’t gotten the knack yet to cook for only two people.

But something was missing.

Yes I had this extra time and I should’ve been overjoyed with the new control over my life. But something didn’t feel right. I couldn’t put my finger on what was bugging me. The ME I once thought I knew was now restless, searching, uncomfortable; like there was a nagging, elusive task I forgot on my to-do list and couldn’t quite remember why it was important. After a few long years I figured it out. I had put myself at the bottom of my priority list and didn’t know how to get back at the top.

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I've been right where you are.

The thing I hear the most from my clients is that they feel lost. Their sense of purpose is gone without their kids. I help them figure out where they are now and how to get to where they want to go. And yes, some don’t know where they want to go. But that’s so exciting! Creating the path together for you to change and grow and learn new things.

I want for you to build a life you truly love.

Yeah it might be a bit scary actually focusing on you for a change, instead of everyone else. But you are so worth it. You will become an even better version of you. This is your time to be selfish and give yourself permission to be the number one item on your to-do list.

And build a life that you are truly in love with.

I want for you to find the person you are now.

I am far from perfect and I don’t have all the answers. But I am committed to sharing my wisdom and all of my stumbles to help you move forward. If you are willing to take my hand and go on this new adventure, I can honestly tell you it will be worth it.

Okay let's do this! What's next?

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Alice Agnello - Lifestyle and Success Coach

Wanna know more about me?

Yeah I thought you might.

Keep reading for my top 10 quirks, loves, addictions, passions and strong dislikes.  

1. My is my sharp sense of smell.

This drives my family nuts. I must approve all lotions and colognes that come in the house. Some scents make my stomach queasy and I don’t like to hug some women because their scent will transfer to my clothes for the REST OF THE DAY. Blech. While pregnant, this superpower was amplified and my poor husband dealt with my crazy nose like a champ. In the apartment where we were living, the cupboards were old and I could smell this awful mustiness every single time I opened a door. I breathed through my mouth every time I’d cook. My husband got so tired of me complaining that he surprised me by washing out every cupboard with watered-down bleach. I thanked him profusely but didn’t have the heart to tell him I could still smell the smell.

2. I bananas.

I don’t like their smell (see number 1). I don’t like the texture (squishy and leaves this film). And I sure as heck don’t like the taste. My husband still tries to fool me and make me taste foods made with banana (I’ve known him since high school so you’d think he’d stop this foolishness by now.)

3. Libraries are my

My mom was a librarian before she retired so I’ve visited libraries since I was very young. They’re quiet and soothing to me and almost a place of peaceful meditation. I wander through the stacks, dragging my hand slowly across the spines, on the hunt to find the next book that I get to read. I’m in awe when I walk into old bookstores as well.

4. So of course I am about reading.

I love sitting on the couch, hot chocolate, popcorn, dogs snoring nearby, and reading a book straight through 'til the end. I can tune out all around me and let my imagination take me away. My husband has complained that I do that a bit too well.

5. I am a office supplies-fonts-paper addict.

I don’t need any of those things in my life but I can’t stop purchasing them and if I have to find a new font for a project, forget it. That’ll take me at least three hours.

6. Voted most car senior year.

It was a 1969 metallic silver BMW that I inherited from my grandmother. No power steering, no seat belts, barely working radio, and a sun roof. I think my car won because it was a ‘69 and there was a running joke in my senior class which I won’t go into here.

7. I have a very lotion dependency.

I haven’t found the one yet, right ladies? That’s what I tell my husband to justify the amount of bottles in my bathroom cabinet. And each one does something different and each one smells different and it depends on my mood which one I’ll put on. Again, this is what I tell my husband. It’s an addiction, I know. I’m also addicted to lip balms.

8. Caffeine is my

Migraines showed up in high school and have never left. I can manage them better now since I know my triggers: chocolate, stress, wine, too much alcohol (I am such a light-weight so two mixed drinks is my limit.) All the fun social stuff right? So it sucks when people say, “Let’s meet for coffee,” or “Let’s meet for drinks,” since I’ll be having water. And forget a slice of chocolate frosted, chocolate cake. Nope.

9. I stand beer.

I’ve tried and tried to like beer since college but it just tastes yucky to me. I keep trying different kinds to see if any appeal to me but not yet.

10. I watching sports documentaries.

I like being able to see behind the scenes and what it takes to be an athlete, especially on a team. Have you seen All or Nothing on Netflix? Football, college football, soccer (the rest of the world’s version of football), and my personal favorite, rugby (watch this one first, you will thank me later.)

Okay now you're ready for what's next.

BONUS 11. A bit extra about me.

I love Jane Austen, Disneyland/World, Harry Potter, British television, PBS Masterpiece, romance novels, mystery novels and I could go on and on but always leave them wanting more, right?

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