Helping you create your new life now that your children have grown.

I am here to help you stop struggling to find your new sense of purpose.

You've been busy for years taking care of everyone else first.

Now it's your turn to take care of just you
now that you have or almost have an empty nest.

Yes, you deserve it!

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Hey there!

I'm Alice Agnello.

I’m a lifestyle and success coach that can help you figure out who you are now that your kids are grown and may not need you as much. It’s okay not to know what’s next now that you have or almost have an empty nest. That’s part of the fun of making YOU a priority for the first time ever.

I live in VA by way of CA so I've been known to say dude and y'all in the same sentence. Educator, speaker, podcaster, and lover of chai tea and reading, I am most grateful when women see their true value in themselves.

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You spent so much time being mom and wife and putting them before you. So when the kids grew up, you suddenly have all this time to yourself, but you don't know who YOU are anymore. What are you supposed to do now that you have or almost have an empty nest?

I want to help you get started. Download the free guide to
5 Things You Can Do This Week to Help Find Yourself!
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The podcast

Kids Are Grown, NOW WHAT?

Tired of people asking you about what you're going to do now that you have tons of “alone time?” Stuck feeling that you are unprepared for this next stage of your life? You may love it one minute and then the next minute you’re in the middle of the grocery store wiping away tears as you see the aisle of Legos and Barbies and a rush of memories takes over unexpectedly.

Let’s tackle this together and find out who we are now that the kids have grown!

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Download the FREE guide to 5 Things You Can Do This Week To Help Find Yourself. You are ready to take this next step now that the kids have grown.

The guide will help you:

→  Work on your mindset so you can recognize negative thoughts and work to quiet them.

→  Help figure out what’s bothering you and know it’s okay to go at your own pace.

→ Understand that taking care of yourself is the most important person in your life and to release the guilt.

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